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Hannover, Germany

July  8-10


Yang -style Taiji Sabre Form 

Taijidao (32) 楊式太極刀 (Chen Yanlin version)


with Yanira Rodriguez


Today It is almost impossible to find instruction on this early 32 movement Yang style Taijidao (tai chi sabre) routine. The form expresses sabre principles simply and elegantly and functions as an ideal preparation for Yang style weapons training.

This sabre sequence first appeared in print in Chen Yanlinʼs     (陳炎林) 1943 book 'Taiji Boxing, Sabre, Sword, Pole, Sparring Compiled'. For many masters Chen's manual stood as the definitive handbook of Yang-style Taijiquan.


Please bring a sabre or bokken.  

Times:       Friday 19:00-21:30—  Saturday and Sunday 10:00-17:30
         Full Weekend €130
Location: To be announced

Contact:  Oliver Rust 

       Maria Alessandra Papa


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