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Make money with

a 90 day plan 

Money, like everything in life, is energy and responds to universal laws.

Learn how to create an abundant life with systems  Proven prosperity.


This intensive workshop is only for all those people  what  want  Not only  Financial Independence  but also  contribute to the world  aligning yourself to your highest spiritual and personal values.

Many people  struggle  financially  because  have unconscious internal conflicts that prevent them from  reach their true potential…which is a shame and also totally unnecessary in this new era of new opportunities for all alike.

That is why — if you sense that you can  achieve much more than  what  others say you can do but  you have conflicting ideas  that limit your financial success  — what you will see on this page can change your life forever.

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Angelica Maria Marquez


“Many Tools To Improve My Personal Finances Every Day”

I am very grateful to Circe for this wonderful course, she gave me tools to analyze my personal finances and improve them, in the meditations I discovered one of the imprints that I had recorded and that I never imagined would have influenced my relationship with money so much. I will make the most of the tools and carry out my commitments to open the way for abundance and prosperity in my life.

Erick Ryu




“Quick Results With The Spheres Of Abundance”

An excellent course!; It has great content and an exceptional synthesis of the most relevant aspects that you need to know about universal laws and their application to all areas of a person's life, of course, also to the field of personal finance, about which, I can assure you that the “spheres of abundance” program is magnificent. It has improved my perspective on money and on experiencing abundance from another perspective>>

If someone had told me about this before, I would not have missed the opportunity to learn from an excellent person like Circe Rodriguez. Take the course! Apply the program; and you will see how your life begins to change towards abundance.

“Tranquility, Organization, Structure and Clarity in my life.”

A few months ago my husband and I attended the Neuroeconomics workshop, and I would like to share my experience with you. I think that for people who do not know finances very well, the workshop helps you to understand in a simple way how it works. it is necessary that you have money left over to be able to save or to have moments of fun or to give to others, if you learn to organize and manage yourself through the method that Circe Rodriguez shared with us there, significant changes begin to occur not only financially, Personally, it gave me a lot of peace of mind.

It gave me a better organization and structure but above all it gave me clarity to know the path that I would like my children to follow. Being 5 and 7 years old we involve them in the same dynamic and they have to organize their money, they love doing it and we as parents we like it much more, knowing that they are being educated from that age in something that no school teaches, for them it is already a habit and way of life that impacts many areas more than just the financial area, it would have been great if my husband already They would have taught us this since we were children, but everything has its moment, so now we take advantage of what we learned in the Neuroeconomics workshop, we live it as a family, and also the consequence that we have had has been of enormous satisfaction, in a very special way we enjoy what we save for GIVE.

Having attended changed the way we thought about our economy and opened a window of enormous light because we left there knowing what actions we should take. Highly recommended, we liked it a lot. It would be great if from an early age they taught a class in all schools about this.

What do you get?

  •  Course  

  • Affirmations   

  • Private group for monitoring  

  • 1 hour session  

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