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Madrid Spain

July  23 and 24

Qigong and Meditation Course

with Javier Arnanz & Yanira Rodriguez


Qigong:  The Five Animal Game is a health-preserving method practiced since ancient times in ancient China. Based on the imitation of movements of the five animals, it combines physical and mental exercises. Its goal is to increase appetite, preserve health and cure diseases.  The exercises are simple, symmetrical and require moderate physical effort that can be adapted to the body build and strength of the practitioner.


Meditation: The practice of cultivating the mind or meditation is a practical task that consists of training the mind to correct the defects of perception and reasoning that lead us to suffering, to cling to what seems attractive and to despise what seems unpleasant, always ignoring the conditioned nature of phenomena.

Schedule:      Saturday 10:00-19:00 and Sunday 09:00-14:00
               Full weekend €90
              to be confirmed

                        (+34) 647 69 79 52



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