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Video 1. Introduction to the workshop

Understand that the purpose of life lies in the human nature of being happy, but it is only possible to be happy when we know who we are, therefore the purpose is not sought outside, but is discovered or revealed from within.

Video 2. Your roles in life

Identify the roles in your life and how much you are inhabiting them from your maximum happiness and personal fulfillment.

Video 2 Visualización
00:00 / 06:23

Video 3 Who do I think I am?

Identify your current self-concept that limits your maximum personal fulfillment.

Video 4 Who have they told me I am?

Identify the unconscious beliefs that continue to manifest in your life to redefine and transcend them.

Video 5 Release and permission to live your life purpose

Through guided visualization, you will lovingly free yourself from unconscious allegiances and gain the full power of your clan to create and live a life of purpose.

Visualización Video 5
00:00 / 18:12

Video 6 Who really am I?

You will discover the wealth that is in you, for the simple fact of being who you are. You will accurately identify those strengths in your person that play in your favor in creating a life with purpose.

Video 7 Where am I the most?

You will find that area of life where you can bring the most of your gifts and talents.

Video 8 Hoarding your resources

Until now you will have recovered an enormous amount of highly valuable personal resources that allow you to create a life with purpose, so with them you will establish your new self-concept and from there, identify your participation in the world.

Video 9 First Step in Creating a Purposeful Life

Discover the connections that from today make your life have a valuable meaning.

Video 10 Second Step in Creating a Purposeful Life

Take a clear and precise direction in the creation of your life.

Visualización Video 10
00:00 / 10:45

Video 11 Step Three in Creating a Purposeful Life

Create an action plan that allows you to start living a life with purpose from joy.

Video 12 Specific Tips on Creating a Purposeful Life

10+ final tips you can immediately implement in creating a purposeful life.

Take control of your life 

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