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Following a high-performance athletics career, Yanira began her Taijiquan studies in 1996 at the National University in her native México. In 2002 she became a co-instructor in the UNAM Taijiquan program and has since worked with students in México, Canada, USA, Germany, England, Scotland, Spain, and Italy. With a further background in therapeutic massage, she helps students to follow their heart through art.

Therapeutic Massage

Yanira has studies and counts with twelve years experience  in therapeutic massage, musculoskeletal physiotherapy and massage, manual therapy and point specific acupuncture technique methods.
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Taichi Clases
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Taijiquan Group Class

25€ per month

18-19hrs European time

11-12 Hora de México
Class in english


Taijiquan Group Class

19:00-20:00hrs CDMX

Clase en Español

$400 al mes


Taijiquan Private lesson

35€ per hour

therapeutic massage
Masaje sueco

Manual Therapy

1 hr.

Masaje de cuello y hombros

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

1 hr.

Masaje de espalda

Point specific acupuncture
technique methods

1 hr.

Masaje de aceite

Traditional Massage

1 hr.

Masaje con piedras calientes

Hot Stones

1 hr.

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